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Electrocraft has been around for over four decades, since the time when there were no line array systems or sophisticated sound re-enforcement systems present in the sound industry. However, Electrocraft thrived thanks to Roger Drego (Managing Director – Electrocraft) and his engineering intelligence. Roger Drego pioneered innovative audio solutions in the live sound industry, no wonder he is lovingly called as – ‘The sound of India.’…

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“When Shakira wanted to have a show in Mumbai we had to source a local production company for Sound, Lights and Staging. After speaking to the promoter DNA Networks, we decided that the only company who could provide all of this was Electrocraft. They provided us high-quality lighting which seamlessly integrated with the small amount of lighting that we were carrying with us. They also provided the main PA which was the legendary V-Dosc system from L-acoustics. And most importantly they provided us a stage and a roof which were of high standard. Not only that, the technical crew of Electrocraft was great and they helped us more than enough. So next time if I have a tour going to India that needs high-quality production, I know Electrocraft is only a phone call or an e-mail away.”

Jake Berry, Production Director – Shakira, Rolling Stones, U2 and Walking With Dinosaurs

“We came down to Mumbai for the concert and the folks at Electrocraft did a fantastic job for us. The crew was friendly and helpful, everything was taken care of in a professional manner. Everything turned on and worked at the right time, frankly for a professional who has travelled to 54 countries around the world – this doesn’t always happen. We were happy with the results and the overall outcome of the show. The crowd loved it and we certainly did a great show here.”

Tim ‘Quake’ Mark,, FOH Sound Engineer and Production Manager – Slash and Myles Kennedy

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