A modern-day musical complete with a whole lot of theatrics and mesmerising visual appeal, #SingIndiaSing is written by Rahul DaCunha and Bugs Bhargava, with music by Clinton Cerejo; and it highlights today’s fascination with making it big at all costs. In other words, how far will a person go for success? The musical tells the story of a singing contest, where only four singers, picked from thousands of aspirants, are pitted against each other. It features television artists such as Suchitra Pillai and Kamakshi Rai, rock musicians such as Uday Benegal and Siddharth Basrur, and theatre vets such as Brian Tellis and Asif Ali Beg. The music is a rich fusion of Indian and world rhythms, and it brings to life the intricately woven story that Sing India Sing strives to highlight; making it a complete live entertainment spectacle with twists and turns at every corner.
When the makers of #SingIndiaSing decided to take their show to Mumbai’s iconic St Andrews Auditorium, their vision was to present the same original story through an environment which was more interactive and immersive than earlier editions. Fountainhead – one of the most reputed event producers in the country today – were entrusted with the responsibility to bring this vision to fruition; who in turn signed on India’s most celebrated rental services company Electrocraft to take over the reins of devising the perfect technical solution to make Sing India Sing one of the most immersive theatrical experiences witnessed in Mumbai.
Starting off, team Electrocraft worked on making the show more visually immersive by commissioning the use of multiple numbers of high speed fully automated and individually programmable Movecat motors which controlled the movement of LED screens that were used as key elements of several different scenes. The moving LED screens added a brilliant touch of flair and magnificence and kept the audience’ attention engaged through the entire duration of the show.
Next in tow was ensuring aural stimulation and immersion, bearing in mind that the music had to stand out as the hero of the entire show. To meet this objective, Electrocraft deployed the world class L’Acoustics Kara system, which was tuned to such perfection that each seat in the venue experienced crystal-clear sound with unparalleled impact. The system capably highlighted every little nuance of every single piece of music, in addition to the various added sound effects that were a part of several different scenes. The performers were equipped with high quality headset microphones from Roger Drego’s very own signature series of products, in addition to Shure’s astute ULX-D wireless system, all of which ensured pristine quality vocal pick-up during dialogue delivery as well as singing performances. The audio processing and mix for the entire event was commissioned through the incredibly astute S6L 32D mixing console from AVID.
With the slew of world-class technology commissioned for the show, #SingIndiaSing’s rousing success came as no surprise, as audiences and critics alike bestowed it with a lot of love and appreciation; with special commendation for the entire theatrical experience including the sound and visuals. A member of the production crew from Fountainhead commented, “#SingIndiaSing at the St. Andrews Auditorium was an absolute cracker of a show – the sound was absolutely spot on and had everyone hooked, whereas the moving LED screens ensured that everyone was left spell-bound. We were showered with so many kind words of appreciation from everyone, and we certainly must pass credit on to Roger and his team at Electrocraft for commissioning such a fantastic and technically flawless show! Absolutely superb!”