The Aditya Birla Awards for Outstanding Achievement is an annual affair which celebrates superior teamwork, outstanding achievement (benchmarked internationally), and long-term inspirational value exhibited by employee teams; and is attended by the top management of Aditya Birla group companies, including the group chairman who delivers a speech each year. The awards take origin in Aditya Birla group’s vision and values, and encompass critical aspects of customer processes, people processes and value creation; and a stringent selection process precedes the awards ceremony, with an internal jury and an external jury comprising of known, successful top management of other companies judging the work of employees in the previous year and selecting a unanimous winner. The ceremony is touted as one of the most prestigious in the corporate world; with the event schedule delivering something new and breath-taking each year.
2019 marked a quantum leap in terms of visual appeal and overall audience experience for the awards, with the ceremony hosted at HICC exhibition centre in Hyderabad comprising a large technical set up sporting multi-screen display with custom graphics, state-of-the-art automated moving stage elements, and a highly immersive soundscape. Keeping the audience engaged through every bit of the ceremony, the main-stage featured various elaborate and visually stimulating elements such as variable speed controlled large frame travellators and a massive Turntable section with 3 individually controllable rings; both of which played a key role in performances that mesmerized the crowd. The event also featured other elaborate moving structures that included a breath-taking brightly lit ‘Moving Globe’ which was suspended in the air and travelled about 120feet along the stage and almost above the crowd, creating a sense of visual wonder; in addition to a captivating moving ‘Cocoon’ on stage which comprised 2 revolving rings that travelled on-stage along a rolling platform, as a major part of a high energy performance. High speed fully automated and individually programmable Movecat motors enabled the upward and downward movement of the massive LED screens, which added a great deal of flair to the overall appeal of the show.
Electrocraft – the most celebrated rental solutions providers in the country today – were at the heart of the above mentioned fully automated visually astounding moving stage spectacles; with the company also providing the massive trussing architecture for the event along with the immersive pro audio solution which kept the audiences aurally engrossed through every step of the way.
The company deployed a formidable FOH system comprising the globally celebrated K2 system from L’Acoustics, which was powered by a slew of LA8 amplifiers. Multiple numbers of the RD208LA line array modules from Roger Drego’s signature series of products, were deployed as center and side fills, all powered through a barrage of RD4.14 power amplifiers. The team deployed the Venue Profile console from AVID which was used to mix the audio for the show, with the state-of-the-art Axient wireless system from Shure deployed as the microphone solution. This melange of carefully deployed world class equipment, under the control of Electrocraft’s team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, proved to be the recipe for success, with the audience being treated to a superior sound experience all night long.
A senior member of the management at Aditya Birla Group commented, “The award ceremony is an annual tradition that every employee looks forward to. Not only does it recognize and felicitate great work; it also puts up a magnificent show with performances and elements that not only entertain but also enthral. The event this year was absolutely astounding – next level to say the least. The visual appeal and moving elements on stage were absolutely mesmerizing, and it undoubtedly heightened the performance experience manifold. And the sound – absolutely spectacular! There’s no doubt that Electrocraft have always been the leader when it comes to the best in live sound in our country. But with the company now delivering the kind of world-class automation stage solution like they did for the Aditya Birla Awards this year; they’ve just proved that they’re a complete tech-solution co that’s not just world class, but many steps ahead of the competition!”