Panaji: Goa’s first coconut and cashew festival was held in Panaji, Goa from 29th April – 3rd May 2015. The festival was organized by the department of tourism – government of Goa, and in association with the department of agriculture, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The main purpose of the show was to highlight the state’s agro-based products; these products play an important part in the culture and lives of the people of Goa. The entire event was centered around food, beverages, desserts, games, handicrafts, cultural programmes and various other activities.

A number of artists and performers were roped in to perform for the 5 day spectacle. Folk dances, musical performances and singing were carried out by Lorna, Goenchim Noketram, Dance-o-philia, Mesmerisers and Viva Goa; Lynx, Rhythm and Blues, Gavana and Ambot Tik. An exhaustive list of performers’, singers, dancers and celebrities thrilled the audience at the venue during the 5 day festival.

Electrocraft, India’s renowned sound, lights and trussing company led by Roger Drego, provided audio, video, lights and trussing facilities for the entire show. Roger Drego and his entire team of engineers from the sound, lights, truss and video department were present at the venue. Despite the dry and hot weather at the venue, the team was able to carry out the setup in a logical and efficient manner.

For sound, Electrocraft provided 10 L-acoustics’ V-Dosc loudspeakers per side and 2 dV-Dosc loudspeakers served as downfills per side. A centre cluster of 20 L-acoustics’ SB218 subwoofers provided the required low-end for the system. The entire system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q and L-acoustics LA8 power amplifiers. A Digidesign SC48 mixer was used as the mixing console.

Dynacord loudspeakers were used as stage sidefills and Martin Audio LE700 loudspeakers were used as stage monitors. Sennheiser’s wireless in-ears and Shure’s wireless handheld microphones were provided to the artists’ on stage. Electrocraft provided a high-quality truss from Prolyte for the show. It was a 6 pillar 60 ft x 40 ft truss.

For lights, Electrocraft provided LED pars, sky trackers, strobes, smoke machines, a follow spot and LBT sharpy’s and LED moving heads. The lights were mixed and controlled through an Avolites lighting board. Electrocraft also provided an LED video screen which consisted of 2 side wings – each of which was 12 ft in height and 10 ft wide.

All the artists and musicians that performed at the show praised Electrocraft’s equipment and technical intelligence for the setup. The sound quality was of high standard and many musicians were thrilled to perform on a high-end system which was provided by Roger Drego.

News Courtesy: Pro Sound Systems, May – Jun 2015