Mumbai: The Indian Premier League, popularly known as the IPL, is an annual cricket event that takes place in the country during the months of april and may every year. This mega sporting event is an amalgamation of sports, fun and entertainment and it never fails to amaze millions of people in the country and around the world. This is a sporting event wherein different cricketers from different countries form a team, thanks to a multi-million owner who owns the franchise. Each franchise is associated with a particular city in the country and this is how all the teams derive their catchy team names.

The IPL means two months of non-stop entertainment and sporting excellence made available to the cricket loving people of this country. There is a high amount of energy and enthusiasm that rides in the stadiums where the matches are played. Electrocraft has been supplying sound and lights to the IPL and all its mega inaugurals that have taken place in different cities in the country.

Right from grand scale inaugurals wherein international artistes are roped in to perform for the opening of the IPL to everyday matches that take place in Mumbai’s stadiums – Dr D Y Patil, Wankhede and Brabourne; Electrocraft has been at the forefront ensuring that the IPL is able to showcase its grandeur and magnificence without a single flaw. Electrocraft has also provided equipment and engineers for matches around the country – Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh are a few cities to mention.

Electrocraft’s professional technical team has setup lights and sound in the stadiums and has ensured that they work perfectly for all the matches. In terms of sound, Electrocraft has used V-Dosc line array elements; these are legendary loudspeakers from L-acoustics. Moreover, Electrocraft engineers have also used Arcs, SB 28 subwoofers and dV-Dosc line array elements in the stadiums for covering different seating levels and VIP Zones. In 2014, Electrocraft used the RD 212LA, a dual 12” line array element from Star Professional Audio which is a sister concern of Electrocraft.

In terms of amplification, L-acoustics LA4, LA8 and Lab.guppen FP10000Q power amplifiers were used to power the line array loudspeakers from L-acoustics, whereas RD 4.14 power amplifiers were used to power the RD 212LA line arrays. Dolby LAKE processors were used to handle all the audio processing and a Yamaha LS9-32 channel mixer was used for most of the matches.

For the opening shows of IPL, a number of high-end lights were used, the main aim was to intelligently light up every corner of the stadiums. Clay-pakys, 4K sky trackers, LED lights, city colours, par cans, conventional lights and LASER systems were employed by the lighting department of Electrocraft. Moreover, Electrocraft has also supplied trussing and rigging material for the IPL inaugurals and matches. The grandMA, a world-renowned lighting console was also employed during the sporting event; this was done to ensure that no stone was left un-turned for the success of the event.